February 22, 2024

At PIMS, Shahbaz Gill has medical examinations

At PIMS, Shahbaz Gill has medical examinations

ISLAMABAD: Shahbaz Gill, the chief of staff for former prime minister and chairman of the PTI Imran Khan, was taken late on Wednesday to the PIMS Hospital after complaining of breathing problems.Since being detained on August 9 in connection with a sedition charge after making contentious comments on a private news station, Gill has been held by the police in Islamabad.

He was arrested on allegations of sedition and encouraging members of state institutions against the Pakistan Army, according to the Islamabad police spokeswoman.Gill was reportedly transferred to the jail hospital for a checkup after complaining of breathing problems and bad health as a result of suspected mistreatment, according to sources inside the prison.

Doctors performed a preliminary medical examination at the Cardiac Center of the PIMS hospital. Additionally, several testing, such as blood tests and ECGs, were planned.His oxygen saturation level, according to the sources, was 97. A pulse oximeter reading for oxygen saturation level for healthy people is between 95% and 100%.

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