February 22, 2024

Imran Khan believes that Elahi’s vote of confidence will set the tone for the election campaign.

چیئرمین تحریک انصاف عمران خان سے وزیراعلیٰ پنجاب چودھری پرویزالٰہی کی ملاقات

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan announced that the party will begin its election campaign after Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi’s vote of confidence in the assembly. The announcement came during a meeting of PTI leaders in Lahore, including Punjab Assembly Speaker Malik Sibtain Khan and provincial minister Malik Aslam Iqbal. Khan criticized the ruling Pakistan Democratic Movement and stated that he would not allow them to “escape from snap elections,” adding that the PTI will begin its campaign after Elahi’s vote of confidence. PTI’s parliamentary leader in the Punjab Assembly, Usman Buzdar, previously stated that he did not instruct party lawmakers to help Elahi secure a vote of confidence on January 9. The PTI had previously stated that Elahi must secure the vote of confidence before January 9 or the party would resign from the assembly. The decision to begin the campaign after Elahi’s vote of confidence was reportedly made following advice from the party’s legal team and a ruling from the Lahore High Court.

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