June 8, 2023

International News

Sudan; Firing on the Turkish plane going to evacuate civilians

Khartoum: Shots were fired at the plane going to evacuate citizens in Sudan. According to.

Israel: Driver ran over tourists in Tel Aviv

In the coastal city of Tel Aviv, Israel, a driver crushed tourists with a car..

Shan Masood has been named the vice-captain (ODI) series

Shan Masood has been named as the vice-captain for Pakistan’s One Day International (ODI) series.

Senior army officer sues Raja for defamation in UK

A serving officer of the Pakistani Army has filed a lawsuit in the UK against.


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An analysis of Pakistan

“The Roze NEWS will be providing a detailed, month-by-month account of the significant events and.


Transport companies demand a

KARACHI: The All Pakistan Public Transport Owners Federation (APPTOF) demanded a Rs. 50 per liter.


For first time since

LAHORE: Regardless of economic ups and downs, motorcycle production and sales have remained strong, increasing.

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Solid waste energy generation

LAHORE: The project to generate energy from solid trash in Lahore was approved on Thursday.

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