February 23, 2024

Sudan; Firing on the Turkish plane going to evacuate civilians

As a Soviet-era fighter plane crashes in India, two pilots perish

Khartoum: Shots were fired at the plane going to evacuate citizens in Sudan. According to the foreign news agency, shots were fired at the Turkish plane coming to take the citizens trapped in Sudan, but there were no casualties. According to the Sudanese authorities. The Turkish plane was fired upon while landing. The plane was safely landed in Saydna Valley. The shooting incident took place in the suburbs of the capital Khartoum. The Ministry of Defense of Turkey confirmed the shooting incident on the plane going to evacuate Turkish citizens in Sudan and said that efforts are being made to evacuate Turkish citizens trapped in various cities of Sudan. will be continued. On the other hand, the Sudanese army and the rebels have blamed each other for firing on the Turkish plane.

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