February 24, 2024

IHC asks PTI for assurances about maintaining calm during jalsa

IHC asks PTI for assurances about maintaining calm during jalsa

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) issued a directive to PTI on Thursday directing them to maintain peace wherever they are granted permission to hold sit-ins and jalsa. The comment was made during the hearing on PTI’s complaint that the government failed to provide it a certificate of no objection for its sit-in in Islamabad.

The PTI submitted a petition on October 31 asking for permission to hold its jalsa and sit-in in addition to providing protection for marchers as it continues its long march toward the federal capital.The IHC directed the federal capital’s administration to appear before it today after sending letters to them on Wednesday for failing to grant PTI a no-objection certificate for its sit-in.

The court voiced its anger throughout the hearing because the pertinent Islamabad administration official had not shown up after being summoned.”What kind of court is this? A high court sits there “Indignantly calling the district administration officials into the court right away, Justice Aamer Farooq displayed his annoyance.

Later, deputy commissioner and Islamabad advocate general Barrister Jahangir Jadoon appeared in court.Jahangir was reading Imran Khan’s Supreme Court submission in response to the PTI’s long march on May 25, 2022.Jadoon stated that during PTI’s previous long march, there were losses and injuries to police officers.

The PTI is asking permission to hold the protest at the same location they requested to hold the demonstration in the previous march, the advocate general said in response to a court enquiry.”Because they [PTI] have consistently broken the terms and conditions, we don’t trust them. The promise provided by two senior attorneys was rejected by the PTI leadership “Informing the court that PTI may hold the rally at T-Chowk if they so desired, Jadoon stated.

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