September 22, 2023

US accusations of North Korea’s nuclear development would “never be tolerated,” the country claims

US accusations of North Korea's nuclear development would "never be tolerated," the country claims

SEOUL: North Korea called the United States the “kingpin of nuclear proliferation” and said that it would “never tolerate” any criticism of the isolated nation’s nuclear programme. It also declared that it would not tolerate any intrusion on its sovereignty.

This year, North Korea tested missiles at an unprecedented rate, and according to foreign experts, it is getting set to perform its seventh nuclear test, the country’s first since 2017.

During a month-long UN summit in New York to discuss the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, the Permanent Mission of the North to the UN released the statement on Wednesday (NPT).

During the meeting, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that the North is “getting ready to conduct its seventh nuclear test” and that it “continues to grow its illegal nuclear programme.”

Given that it is the primary source of nuclear proliferation, the United States accusing someone of making “nuclear threats” represents the height of busy blaming, according to North Korea.

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