February 24, 2024

The US intends to provide Ukraine armaments worth $775 million

US plans to give $775m worth of arms to Ukraine

The US Defensive Department unveiled a fresh $775 million package of defence gear and ammunition for Ukraine on Friday. The package includes diverse missile, artillery, and mine-clearing systems.More anti-armour weapons, like as TOW missiles and Javelin systems, as well as more precisely guided missiles for the Himars systems, which have allowed Ukrainian forces to attack Russian command posts and supply stores some distance behind the front lines.

Along with 105mm howitzers and 36,000 artillery rounds for them, it also contains Scan Eagle surveillance drones, high-speed anti-radiation (HARM) missiles that target ground-based radar systems, and HARM missiles.We want to ensure that Ukraine has a steady supply of ammunition to satisfy its demands, and that is what we are doing with this package, a senior US defence official told reporters.

The official claimed that since Moscow’s invasion on February 24, Ukraine’s military have effectively used the 19 packages of arms that the United States has given them to stall the advance of Russian soldiers.The official told reporters under anonymity, “You are seeing a complete and absolute lack of progress by the Russians on the battlefield.”With Ukrainian attacks, particularly those utilising the Himars system, “you are seeing the Russians still paying a significant price,” the official claimed.

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