February 24, 2024

Check your facts: This video purporting to depict a “cloudburst” is not from Jamshoro

Check your facts: This video purporting to depict a "cloudburst" is not from Jamshoro

Since the start of the monsoon season this year, Pakistan has been experiencing tremendous rains that have caused disasters, fatalities, and other sad events all over the country.Shared flood-related photographs and video are disturbing, particularly those of Balochistan, where there have been over 200 confirmed fatalities.

With 385% more rain falling in Sindh between July 1 and August 19 of this year, the rains have not been kind to the province either.Sherry Rehman, the minister for climate change, uploaded a video with the Pakistan Meteorological Department that she claimed depicted a “cloudburst over Jamshoro” amidst the ongoing torrential rains.In her post, she stated,.

“Today, August 19, 2022, we recorded the greatest rainfall ever in one day, all throughout Sindh, at 355 mm, creating a new record for rainfall in 24 hours […] Unprecedented storm Cloudburst over Jamshoro.Thousands of people read the minister’s tweet, the cloud formation was captured in Perth, Australia, it isn’t even from 2022.

This is merely one image from the storm Timelapse that took place in February 2020. All of the force in these microbursts must go somewhere when they hit the earth, and it is blown forth.

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