October 5, 2023

T20 World Cup’s four semifinalists predicted by Tendulkar

T20 World Cup's four semifinalists predicted by Tendulkar

Following Wasim Akram, former renowned Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar predicted the T20 World Cup’s four semifinal teams on Monday. Tendulkar projected that India, Pakistan, Australia, and England would go to the T20 World Cup semifinals.The former Indian captain responded, “India has a very excellent chance,” in response to a query regarding the current T20 World Cup winner. We have the right combination and a well-balanced team to go out and perform.”

Speaking about the much anticipated T20 match between India and Pakistan, a great cricket player believes that India will easily defeat Pakistan.”I love India the most. Of sure, I say.My heart belongs to India, and I will always root for them to succeed.I genuinely think we have the firepower to perform well under these circumstances, not only because I’m Indian,” he said in conclusion.

Pakistan, India, Australia, and South Africa were on Swing of Sultan Wasim Akram’s list of his four semifinal T20 World Cup sides.On October 23, Pakistan and India will play in the eagerly anticipated Twenty20 World Cup 2022 encounter. In Melbourne, at the renowned Melbourne Cricket Ground, two teams will compete against one another.

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