February 24, 2024

Another 20 bodies were buried near Nishtar Hospital

Another 20 bodies were buried near Nishtar Hospital

20 additional bodies discovered on the Nishtar Hospital rooftop in Multan have been buried.The dead were reportedly interred in a cemetery close to the hospital by the police with the assistance of the Edhi FoundationAccording to police sources, more than 20 remains were turned over to the police after DNA tests. Following the collection of DNA samples, the bodies were laid to rest.

Five bodies and human remains were recovered a few days ago.Recently, hundreds of unclaimed bodies were found on the Multan hospital’s rooftop. The investigation committee suggested interring them.Last week, information of the Nishtar Hospital’s defilement of bodies surfaced.

Videos of bodies laying on the hospital’s rooftop were shared on social media. Later, the hospital’s mortuary and rooftop were found to contain hundreds more unclaimed dead.Numerous bodies are reportedly rotting in the room constructed on the Nishtar Hospital’s roof, according to sources.The Punjabi government was alerted to the problem on October 14 and decided to look into the matter.

A six-person committee was established by Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi to look into the event after the videos and photographs were posted online.Police are to blame for the bodies, according to a hospital official.A three-person commission has also been formed by the vice chancellor of Nishtar Medical University to look into the incident.

According to Dr. Mariam Ashraf, dean of Nishtar Medical University’s (NMU) anatomy department, the police and rescue personnel were to blame for the corpses accumulating in the hospital and on its roof.According to Ashraf, the hospital was obligated to receive the bodies for safekeeping and couldn’t refuse to do so. We are asked to keep it at the hospital by police and rescue personnel.

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