February 23, 2024

Security for the Chehlum procession examined

Security for the Chehlum procession examined

LAHORE: On Friday, DIG Operations Lahore visited Pandu Street and examined the security measures for the procession of Hazrat Imam Hussain’s Chehlum (RA). He spoke with the procession’s organizers and asked them about security. He claimed that the mourners entering the main parade will have complete protection.

42 female police officers have been sent to check the female participants, in accordance with the security plan, along with more than 1,000 other officers, including two special police officers (SPs), eight detective special police officers (DSPs), 22 inspectors, and 78 upper subordinates.

The PSCA cameras are keeping an eye on the procession’s path. The principal mourning procession and majalis of Chehlum Hazrat Imam Hussain will be protected by more than 8,000 police officers and authorities (RA). 11 SPs, 25 DSPs, 84 inspectors, more than 400 senior subordinates, and 186 woman police officers would be deployed for the Chehlum procession and majalis, according to the CCPO Lahore.

The Fiqah Jafferia community volunteers, the elite anti-riot force, and plainclothesmen will all assist the Lahore police. He said that the Punjab Safe Cities Authority and district government would use CCTV cameras to monitor all significant locations. He also said that barbed wire and barriers would be used to close off the roads and streets along the major parade route.

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