October 5, 2023
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The Lahore team of StormFiber is attacked by a cable operator

The Lahore team of StormFiber is attacked by a cable operator

The local cable operator mafia in the area is accused of beating up and shooting at StormFiber teams working on-site on September 8, 2022, in Johar Town, Lahore. At least two of the team members were shot by a group of trigger-happy cable operators, according to sources at StormFiber (a part of Cybernet).

One of the victims of the incident recalled, “We were undertaking repair work on our wires and equipment that the local cable operators had purposely destroyed when a bunch of cable operators approached and inquired whether we were from StormFiber.”As we witnessed, they began to beat us.

We made an effort to escape and contact our team leaders. More cable operators had joined their gang by the time the team leaders arrived, and they started shooting at our leads‘ legs; fortunately, no one was harmed, he continued.

The StormFiber crew reportedly reported the occurrence on 15 and an online complaint was also submitted.The local Lahore cable operator mafia frequently purposefully damages StormFiber’s networking and fiber infrastructure.

This is a recurring incident that tries to prevent the business from providing clients with fiber broadband services, not a one-time or isolated incident.

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