September 24, 2023

‘Gill shouldn’t have said that,’ says Imran Khan

'Gill shouldn't have said that,' says Imran Khan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan stated on Monday that he is “very disturbed” with the treatment of his chief of staff Shahbaz Gill while in police custody in connection with the sedition charge brought against him.He claimed that PTI lawyers claimed Gill was stripped naked and beaten up in jail.

Gill shouldn’t have said that because it falls under instigating the army […] it is entirely correct […] we want to see [the] army as a powerful institution,” Khan told .”They’re torturing him and attempting to break him mentally.” They are also pressuring him to make statements against Imran Khan.

The PTI chairperson, on the other hand, claimed that coalition government officials including as Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Maryam Nawaz, Ayaz Sadiq, Nawaz Sharif, and others had previously issued anti-establishment sentiments.He claimed that if he had called for a sit-in in Islamabad on May 25, the country would have been in disarray.

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