February 24, 2024

Punjab will hold LG elections in April, according to ECP

Punjab will hold LG elections in April, according to ECP

Punjab’s long-delayed LG elections will take place in April of next year, the Elections Commission of Pakistan (ECP) declared on Wednesday. In a meeting presided over by Chief Elections Commissioner (CEC) Sultan Sikandar Raja, the decision was made. The main electoral authority needed to delimit the constituencies for a third time, according to the briefing given to the gathering.

The Punjabi government has been ordered by the ECP to deliver a revised version of the union councils, local body election regulations, and maps so that the elections can be held as soon as feasible.

In the event that the regulations are once again changed, the chief election commissioner declared that it would hold LG elections under its constitutional power.The commission has accused the province administration of causing the delay in the LG elections by periodically changing the rules.

When the PML-N briefly held office in Punjab earlier this year, it substituted the PTI’s local bodies laws with a copy of its own.The PTI took control of the province after the former chief minister Hamza Shahbaz-led government was overthrown, and they overturned the PML-version N’s of LG elections.

The most recent LG elections in Punjab were held on a party basis in response to a Supreme Court ruling. The PTI, however, rendered the local bodies financially and administratively ineffective, and their terms were set to expire in 2021, so the election candidates were unable to serve the public.

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