September 25, 2023

The UN recommends a demilitarised zone near Ukraine’s nuclear power plant

The UN recommends a demilitarised zone near Ukraine's nuclear power plant

KYIV: On Thursday, Russia and Ukraine accused one other of new shelling near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station, ahead of a UN Security Council meeting to discuss security concerns about the facility.

Both Moscow and Kyiv reported five rocket hits near a hazardous material storage area at the plant, Europe’s largest nuclear complex, which has recently seen renewed combat. Energoatom, Ukraine’s nuclear organisation, later stated that there had been further Russian shelling near one of the plant’s six reactors, causing “massive smoke” and “damage to many radiation monitors.

“On the messaging app Telegram, Vladimir Rogov, a member of the Moscow-installed regional government, stated Ukrainian soldiers “once again struck” the plant.The Ukrainian plant is under Russian control, and Ukraine has accused Moscow of stationing hundreds of soldiers and storing weapons there.

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