February 25, 2024

Putin: We have suspended our involvement in grain export agreement

Putin: We have suspended our involvement in grain export agreement

According to President Vladimir Putin, Russia is pausing its participation in a pact to transport desperately needed Ukrainian grain through Black Sea ports rather than cancelling it.Putin made his first remarks following Moscow’s announcement on Saturday that it was suspending its participation in the Black Sea deal, which was mediated by the UN, following what it claimed to be a significant drone strike by the Ukrainian government on its fleet in Crimea.”We cannot promise that this behaviour won’t persist.

Putin stated during a press conference: “No, we assert that we are stopping it. Putin said that both the grain trucks’ and the Ukrainian drones’ travel itineraries were the same.They posed a threat to both our ships, which must ensure the security of grain exports, and the civilian ships involved in this, he said. Kiev has not been blamed for the strike.

Despite Russia’s warnings that this was problematic, other parties to the agreement continued with the grain export on Monday.Putin said that according to the terms of the agreement, Russia is responsible for providing security, adding that Ukraine “must assure that there will be no dangers to civilian vessels or to Russian supply vessels.”

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