September 22, 2023

It’s “a really unfair scenario,” according to the UN chief, and the world needs to help the nation

It's "a really unfair scenario," according to the UN chief, and the world needs to help the nation

The world is “extremely unjust,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday, and he urged everyone to do their share to aid nations that haven’t contributed to global emissions.

He made these remarks as he concluded a two-day trip meant to spread awareness of the tragedy after visiting many flood-stricken areas of Pakistan.

Important events of today

UN head urges the world to provide Pakistan “huge” financial support after visiting flood-affected districts in Sindh and Balochistan
Another cut is made through the Larkana-Sehwan bund by the irrigation department.
Residents of Bhan leave As floodwaters rush into cities, Saeedabad, Sehwan, and Dadu
Dadu’s Pir Shahnawaz Union Council was buried.
In the past day, there have been five more fatalities nationwide.

The forecast calls for rain and thundershowers in KP, Islamabad, and GB. In a video made public by the PM Office, Guterres could be seen sitting next to Sharif and looking out the window of an airplane over flood-damaged areas. Looking at the destruction, Guterres remarked, “Unimaginable.”

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