September 25, 2023

Spying for Saudi Arabia by a former employee of Twitter

Two tiers will comprise Twitter's new verification mechanism

On Tuesday, a former employee of Twitter was convicted guilty of spying for Saudi Arabia after it was claimed that she had sent a Saudi official close to the royal family the personal data of Twitter users who had expressed disapproval of the country.

Between 2013 and 2015, Ahmad Abouammo worked for Twitter. He was charged with money laundering, working as a Saudi Arabian agent, conspiring to commit wire fraud, and falsifying records. He was found guilty of all of these crimes. Five other wire fraud charges against him were dismissed.

Abouammo, a dual citizen of the US and Lebanon, was accused by the prosecution of obtaining access to accounts that denounced the Saudi government’s leadership by calling and emailing them. One of the people whose data Abouammo allegedly viewed is Mujtahid, an anonymous account once referred to as “the Saudi version of Wikileaks.”

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