September 22, 2023
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Russia has unveiled a model of its future space station

Russia has unveiled a model of its future space station

MOSCOW: Russia’s space agency showed a physical model of a projected new Russian-built space station on Monday, implying that Moscow is serious about departing the International Space Station (ISS) and going it alone.

Russia, in the midst of what some Kremlin hardliners feel is a historic break with the West, is scrambling to lessen its reliance on Western nations and go ahead on its own or collaborate with countries such as China and Iran.

The West, accusing Russia of waging an unjustified imperial-style assault on Ukraine, has sanctioned the Russian economy in order to deprive Moscow of technology, know-how, and cash.

On Monday, Russia’s Roskosmos national space agency unveiled a model of the projected space station, nicknamed “ROSS” by Russian state media, during the “Army-2022” military-industrial show outside Moscow.

Yuri Borisov, the Roskosmos chief nominated by President Vladimir Putin last month, has stated that Russia will leave the ISS after 2024 and will focus on developing its own space station.

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