February 23, 2024

Police investigation into the abuse of Shahbaz Gill is under way in Islamabad.

Police investigation into the abuse of Shahbaz Gill is under way in Islamabad.

ISLAMABAD: A police investigation has been launched to look into the claims that PTI leader Shahbaz Gill was tortured.Sources claim that the Islamabad High Court has mandated that the IG Islamabad provide a report and is overseeing the investigation.

According to the sources, DIG Headquarters Islamabad presided over a significant gathering of senior police officers and the investigative team. The investigation team gave the top brass a briefing on the legal process.

Additionally, the police have begun taking statements regarding the charges of torture. Doctors were questioned about Gill’s health state.The sources added that the PTI leader’s nutrition will be closely watched. Imran pleaded for Gill’s justice in a string of tweets.

The PTI chairman stated that “all the photographs and videos plainly reveal Gill was tormented both psychologically and physically, including sexual abuse – most of which are too terrible to narrate.”The PTI chairman claimed Gill was humiliated by the police and that he now has comprehensive knowledge of what happened when Gill was tortured.

“According to ICT police, there was no torture. Therefore, I want to know who mistreated Gill.” Khan enquired. The PTI chairman continued by saying that “our minds too as to who could have carried out the brutal torture” are generally held in the public at large.

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