February 22, 2024

PEMRA cautions TV networks against airing material critical of government organizations

PEMRA cautions TV networks against airing material critical of government organizations

PEMRA claims that despite numerous orders, TV networks still disobey them.
It issues a warning about punishing individuals who disobey orders.
Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Monday reprimanded TV broadcasters, instructing them to avoid telecasting any content against the state institutions.

The regulatory authority ordered that any content against institutions that was broadcast during a live speech or press conference or that was filmed or produced under the channels’ banner should not be broadcast.

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IHC revokes the PEMRA notification that forbade the broadcast of Imran Khan’s live remarks
Imran Khan’sThe regulatory agency added that PEMRA was also instructed to “ensure proper utilization of the prescribed procedure related delay mechanism” by the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

Additionally, it was noted that TV networks broadcast “unwarranted/objectionable opinions” without editorial oversight and without using efficient time-delay systems that may obstruct statements that were critical of official institutions.

speeches cannot be broadcast live on TV stations due to PEMRA.
PEMRA cautions TV networks not to air anything critical of government organizations. According to PEMRA’s statement, TV broadcasters continue to disobey orders despite previous warnings.

No doubt exists in our minds regarding the licensees’ lax enforcement of the Code of Conduct and PEMRA’s regulatory authority’s failure to penalize licensees for any violations of the Code of Conduct, according to the statement.

“The Code of Conduct will be reduced to a mere paper tiger and become wholly unnecessary if PEMRA does not penalize licensees for voluntary violations of the Code of Conduct or even neglect in ensuring adherence thereto.

We hereby issue a mandamus writ to PEMRA to ensure that the following legal and ethical requirements are upheld in letter and spirit and that PEMRA will not allow any infractions of them.”

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