October 5, 2023

Pakistan’s daily COVID-19 case count has shown a slight decline

Pakistan's daily COVID-19 case count has shown a slight decline

The National Institute of Health, Islamabad (NIH) data showed Thursday morning that Pakistan’s COVID-19 positivity ratio significantly decreased to 3.63 percent as the nation recorded at least 789 new cases in the previous 24 hours.

21,741 coronavirus tests were performed, with a positivity ratio of 3.63 percent as opposed to yesterday’s result of 3.85 percent. Total positive cases rose sharply to 1,556,445. At the same time, 1,517,032 more patients have recovered from COVID-19. Up to four patients passed away from the illness while receiving treatment, bringing Pakistan’s coronavirus death toll to 30,499.

In hospitals around the nation, intensive care units are caring for at least 160 COVID-19 patients. As the potential of another outbreak rises due to the virus’s resurgence in Pakistan, NIH has placed restrictions on the elderly and young people attending the gatherings and majalis during Ashura.

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