February 25, 2024

Pakistan denounces the sacrilegious comments made by a different BJP official

Pakistan denounces the sacrilegious comments made by a different BJP official

The blasphemous comments made against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by another BJP politician in India have been vehemently denounced by Pakistan.As Nupur Sharma’s blasphemy in June was the first instance, this is the second instance in the past three months that a BJP leader has insulted the holy prophet (PBUH).

In a statement, the Foreign Office said, “Pakistan condemns, in the strongest terms imaginable, the highly offensive and sacrilegious words made against the Holy Prophet [Muhammad] (PBUH), by Raja Singh, a BJP official and member of the state legislative assembly of the Indian state of Telangana.

According to the statement, the millions of Muslims around the world, including those in India, have been deeply hurt by these profoundly offensive words, and the paltry punishment the BJP meted out to the official won’t be enough to ease their suffering.The FO criticised the Indian government for what it called “very unacceptable” behaviour in releasing Singh on bail hours after his detention, to the delight of BJP fundamentalists.

“The new episode once again demonstrates the current Indian regime’s compulsively nasty demeanour toward Muslims and the disturbing trajectory of Islamophobia in India, despite widespread indignation and condemnation of an earlier comparable and equally destructive crime. India is essentially an unrecognised “Hindu Rashtra,” where Muslims are constantly marginalised, dispossessed, and denigrated, and their religious convictions are violated by majoritarian hegemony.”

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