December 1, 2023

Pakistan denounces the sacrilegious comments made by a different BJP official

The blasphemous comments made against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by another BJP politician in India have been vehemently denounced by Pakistan.As Nupur Sharma’s blasphemy in June was the first instance, this is the second instance in the past three months that a BJP leader has insulted the holy prophet (PBUH). In a statement, the Foreign Office […]

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After an ally switched sides, Modi’s party lost the important Indian state of Bihar

In Bihar, India’s third-most populous state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party lost control on Tuesday as a regional ally joined an opposition coalition that now has the majority needed to create the country’s next government. The breakdown in government in Bihar is a rare defeat for Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which controls politics in […]

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