October 5, 2023
Sci & Tech

Longer YouTube videos can now be cut down to Shorts

To compete with TikTok videos, YouTube is making it simpler for producers to structure and turn their longer films into Shorts.The platform has made it incredibly easy to format videos in its iOS and Android app by adding the “Edit into Short” tool.

On the app, creators can choose up to 60 seconds of the video to alter and add to a Shorts clip. Additionally, they are able to include text, effects, and more films from the Camera or Library.

The original long video will be linked to the short clip by YouTube as a promotional tool for creators.As YouTube delves more deeply into selling content on its platform, this is a crucial motivator. Even a fund was established to compensate creators for uploading Shorts.

The new feature, which only appears in the Create menu of videos that you have posted, cannot be utilised on other users’ uploads. Each month, around 1.5 billion people watch short form content on YouTube

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