February 23, 2024

JCP’s authority to appoint judges is to be limited by a measure introduced by a PPP senator

Supreme Court

ISLAMABAD: On Monday, PPP Senator Farooq H Naek introduced a constitutional amendment bill in the Senate with the goal of limiting the Judicial Commission of Pakistan’s (JCP) authority over the selection of judges for the higher courts and granting the parliamentary committee a significant voice in the decision-making process.

The bill was referred to the standing committee on law and justice by Senate President Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, who instructed it to report back to the house within 15 days. The objective of nominating judges to the Supreme Court was mentioned by the veteran member when outlining the key components of the bill in the house.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan, four Supreme Court justices, a retired Supreme Court justice, the law minister, the attorney general, and a senior advocate make up the JCP at the moment. He emphasized that despite the proposed law’s proposal to have the panel consist of seven members instead of the current four judges, the panel’s weight was highly skewed in the judges’ favour.

Additionally, it has been suggested that the high court judges’ appointment commission be reorganized in order to lower its overall membership from 13 to 11. It was made apparent by Chairman Naek that he was unwilling to discuss claims of favouritism in the selection of judges.

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