November 28, 2023

Hamza appeals the SC’s decision to remove him as CM

Hamza appeals the SC's decision to remove him as CM

Hamza Shehbaz, a PML-N politician and former chief minister of Punjab, filed a lawsuit on Friday against the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Punjab Assembly deputy speaker’s decision to invalidate 10 votes cast for the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q), which gave Hamza the election victory.

Through Mansoor Awan, Hamza petitioned the Supreme Court for a review of the July 26 judgement that overturned previous deputy speaker Dost Mohammad Mazari’s choice and named Pervaiz Elahi as the new chief minister of the nation’s political centre.

The head of the PML-N requested that a full court be set up to rule on issues related to this case’s interpretation and application of Article 63A of the Constitution, as well as other related issues. According to the review petition, the Supreme Court’s ruling on Article 63A from Presidential Reference No. 1 of 2022.

Which asserted that the SC prolonged the right of a political party under Article 17(2) to Article 63A and at the concluding that a vote direct contrast to the party policy is to be disregarded as an invasion.


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