February 23, 2024

Elections’ main barrier is Fazl, as per Sheikh Rashid

Elections' main barrier is Fazl, as per Sheikh Rashid

ISLAMABAD: Sheikh Rashid, the leader of the AML, stated on Thursday that Fazlur Rehman was the biggest hurdle standing in the way of elections and that the PDM was unable to step out in public.

The dissolution of the provincial assemblies was the only option, Sheikh Rashid wrote in a tweet, if discussion did not succeed in paving the way for elections. He stated that all political parties have banded together to obstruct Imran Khan.

According to Mr. Rashid, the PDM could not carry the weight of elections because the electorate was unwilling to support them in the future.”Fazlur Rehman is making a tremendous effort to stop the polls,” he said.

AML leader stated that a healthy economy was crucial for maintaining national security. He claimed that the government was determined to sow discord throughout the nation.

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