February 25, 2024
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Blue on the iPhone will charge $11 via Twitter

Blue on the iPhone will charge $11 via Twitter

SAN FRANCISCO: As per a source briefed on the plans, Twitter Inc. plans to raise the price of its Twitter Blue membership package from $7.99 to $11 if purchased through its iPhone app and from $7 if purchased on the website.

According to the article, the action was probably a protest against Apple Inc.’s 30 percent share of any payments made by customers through apps on the iOS operating system.

As per the report, the lower cost on the internet was also likely to encourage more customers to join up there rather than on their iPhones. It was not said whether prices will also change for the Android platform.

Musk, who acquired Twitter in October, intends to roll out the verified service with various coloured checks for people, businesses, and governments after a flawed initial launch resulted in a rise in users impersonating brands and celebrities.

Requests for comment from Google, which owns the Android operating system, Apple, and Twitter were not immediately met.Musk cited a number of issues with Apple in a series of tweets last week, including the 30% fee the maker of the iPhone charges software developers for in-app purchases.

Additionally, he published a meme that implied he would be prepared to “go to war” with Apple rather than pay the commission.

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