November 28, 2023

BHC provides new orders to dismiss all charges brought against Azam Swati

BHC provides new orders to dismiss all charges brought against Azam Swati

QUETTA: The Balochistan High Court (BHC) mandated on Monday that all complaints brought against PTI leader Azam Swati for offensive tweets directed at army officials be dismissed.

Justice Abdul Majeed Baloch, who heard a petition relating to new cases filed against the senator in Balochistan, issued the new orders.

In Winder, Bela, and Chaman, Swati was the target of three cases.

On December 9, the BHC issued a directive ordering the cancellation of every first information report (FIR) filed against the senator.

The senator’s son petitioned the BHC to stop the cases from being registered in Balochistan, and the BHC responded by issuing the orders.

Separately, the Sindh High Court (SHC) ruled that no cases related to the contentious Twitter case against Swati should be filed in the province.

Islamabad Police was given custody of Swati. According to Sindh Prosecutor General Faiz Shah, the senator is facing “C-class” charges in the cases that have been filed against him.

The government’s attorney claimed that all applications had previously been rejected and added that private parties had brought the proceedings.

The judge made a decision that Swati will not be the subject of any further FIRs in this matter. The document also claimed that Azam Swati was the focus of numerous cases in various regions of the province that all sprang from a single charge.

The hearing on the PTI leader’s bail application was postponed by an Islamabad special court on Monday till tomorrow.

The judgement on PTI Senator Azam Swati’s post-arrest bail request in the contentious tweets case was again postponed by a special court in the nation’s capital on Friday.

The decision was postponed because Azam Khan has not yet taken office as special judge for central Islamabad. Although Swati’s attorney Babar Awan and special prosecutor Raja Rizwan Abbasi were present in court, no procedures took place there and they were required to leave.

The special court’s ruling is likely to be made public the following week given that the case has been postponed until December 19.


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