February 24, 2024

Police detain ‘illegal Afghan immigrant’ in Karachi killing a NED student

Police detain 'illegal Afghan immigrant' in Karachi killing a NED student

LAHORE: According to police, they have detained a man who is thought to have been involved in the killing of a student from NED University during a shootout on Karachi’s Superhighway.

After an encounter on Friday morning, the team managed to capture the culprit, according to Karachi police chief Javed Odho. Nizamuddin, a 16-year-old Afghan Tajik teenager, was recognised as the suspect.

He resided in the Jamali Pull neighbourhood off the Superhighway and was a “illegal immigrant.” While the suspect’s accomplice, who is also a Tajik, was still at large, he claimed that a special force commanded by the East-SSP had captured the suspect.The representative emphasised the requirement to subject Karachi’s illegal immigrants to the law.

NED University third-year student Bilal Nasir was fatally shot on Thursday while thwarting a heist at a tea business off campus. Public outrage over the tragedy led to student rallies against lawlessness in the regional capital.

The man was laid to rest in Yaseenabad cemetery after his funeral prayers were held in a mosque in the Federal B. neighbourhood.

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