February 22, 2024
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After being robbed, chef Shireen Anwar is traumatised

After being robbed, chef Shireen Anwar is traumatised

LAHORE: Shireen Anwar, a well-known chef in Pakistan who runs a food programme for a private TV network, had her possessions snatched in Karachi.

Shireen, also known as Shireen Apa, was out and about when two motorcycles approached her and attacked her before robbing her of all her possessions.

The chef revealed that she was still in psychological shock following the occurrence during a morning broadcast on a private news channel where she discussed her suffering.

Ms. Anwar recalled her shock and said the robbers knew her by face and still threatened her with dire repercussions if she filed a complaint.

Fans of Shireen Anwar stand by her and ask the provincial government to pay attention to the worrying situation.

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