February 24, 2024

After the death of the Queen, King Charles would assign certain royal tasks

After the death of the Queen, King Charles would assign certain royal tasks

London: The late Queen Elizabeth II and her son King Charles III both supported many deserving charities, but King Charles III will now try to share them among the Royal Family.The British Red Cross humanitarian organisation and the Royal Society science academy are two of the 600 charities that the Queen, who will lie in state from Wednesday until her funeral on Monday, supported.

The Royal Pigeon Racing Association and Bowls England, the country’s regulatory body for outdoor flat green bowls, were two lesser-known but distinctly British patronages.Charles, a longtime environmental advocate with 500 patronages, said he would assign some tasks when she passed away last week.In his first speech as king last Friday, one day after his mother’s passing, Charles remarked, “My life will of course change when I take up my new responsibilities.”

However, I am confident that this crucial effort will continue in the capable hands of others.A total of 3,000 organisations receive help from British royals to increase awareness of deserving issues, gain media attention, and generate money.About one-fourth of the royal family’s activities are patronages, which include affiliations to charitable organisations, military associations, professional groups, and public service organisations.

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