February 23, 2024

According to Miftah Ismail, Iran can meet Pakistan’s oil and gas needs

According to Miftah Ismail, Iran can meet Pakistan's oil and gas needs

ISLAMABAD: Miftah Ismail, the federal minister of finance and revenue, praised Pak-Iran collaboration on Wednesday in the areas of commerce and energy. He also stated that the government was determined to fortify ties with the Islamic Republic in all respects.

According to Miftah Ismail, the government of Pakistan, led by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, is prepared to improve ties with Iran in all areas, particularly bilateral trade. He claimed that the previous administration had suggested trading in local currencies to raise the volume of bilateral commerce to $500 million or euros.

The minister continued, “I have urged the governor of the State Bank of Pakistan to speak with my Iranian counterpart as soon as possible to materialise the suggestion.To encourage trade between the two nations, Miftah proposed adding new travel routes.

In order to encourage trade, he emphasised the need for additional passenger amenities in Balochistan as well as improved inter-personal interactions.He claimed that Iran could easily meet Pakistan’s urgent demand for gas and energy.

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