November 28, 2023

Verify the facts: Did Sheikh Rasheed truly flee?

Verify the facts: Did Sheikh Rasheed truly flee?

A photo supposedly showing the former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed fleeing from police in a hospital was published on Facebook and Twitter after he accused police of raiding his home and party office.

The picture was really taken in June 2020 while Ahmed was receiving COVID-19 treatment. After rumours about him being hidden began to circulate, he first appeared in public in August 2022.

In a tweet from August 11, Sheikh Rasheed was described as “the one who sets parliament on fire and delivers open threats to institutions, has created the excuse of being sick and is hiding in a hospital.”

The tweet has a picture of Ahmed lying on a hospital bed and was sent by a user with more than 110,000 followers.Ahmed is a vociferous opponent of the current coalition that came to power in April after the ouster of former prime minister Imran Khan.

Ahmed, who is the leader of Pakistan’s Awami Muslim League (AML) party, served as interior minister under Khan.

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