October 5, 2023
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Lockdown on Covid continues in Chinese city

Lockdown on Covid continues in Chinese city

BEIJING: The majority of Chengdu, a 21 million-person Chinese megacity, has been placed under an extended Covid-19 lockdown, with curbs that have stopped all activity and kept most of the city’s 21 million inhabitants inside their homes.The latest big economy to commit to a zero-Covid strategy is China, which uses a combination of quick lockdowns, extensive testing, and extended quarantines to contain virus outbreaks.

Since several hundred Covid cases were reported, Chengdu, the capital of the southwestern Sichuan province, has essentially been on lockdown for a week.The risk of community transmission still exists in some regions, it stated, despite the anti-epidemic efforts of the entire city beginning to bear results.

Everyday tests will be administered to all people under lockdown, and each household will be allowed to send one member out to buy groceries and other necessities.According to statistics from the provincial health authority, 116 new local infections were reported in Chengdu on Thursday, more than half of which had no symptoms.

Locals reported that because they were confined to their housing complexes, some inhabitants were unable to leave the city earlier this week when a powerful earthquake in a neighbouring region of Sichuan shook the area.

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