November 28, 2023

US diplomats meeting provincial government officials are “not a concern,” according to Shireen Mazari.

US diplomats meeting provincial government officials are "not a concern," according to Shireen Mazari.

Shireen Mazari, a former human rights minister and prominent PTI figure, defended Mahmood Khan’s meeting with Donald Blome on Tuesday by asserting that US ambassadors meeting provincial government officials is “not a problem.”

Recently, the PTI came under fire for taking contradictory policies regarding the United States.At a news conference, Mazari questioned under what authority US ambassadors travel to sensitive locations when no Pakistani envoy is permitted to visit sensitive locations in other nations.

On the contentious subject of the PTI’s case involving illegal fundraising, Mazari stated: “It is becoming more evident that the Election Commission of Pakistan is prejudiced since the chief election commissioner is making judgments outside of his authority.”

She said that “he is operating on political principles.”Mazari stated that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is not permitted to look into cases involving illegal money.”By what authority is FIA requesting records?”She questioned, arguing that it was unlawful and beyond the scope of the FIA to ask for such information.

She continued by stating that the Pakistani Election Commission had been instructed by the Supreme Court to investigate claims of illegal funding made against all the parties.The hearing on PTI’s request was instead postponed by the ECP for one month.Mazari questioned why the police were requesting access to Shahbaz Gill’s cell phone when the PTI leader made statements over a landline.

“If Gill has breached any laws, please make the case for him. A person cannot be held captive and tortured in an unknowing location,”She went on to say that Gill exhibits physical indicators of torture, was held up all night, and was dehydrated.


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