February 25, 2024

The most stunning cities in the world

The most stunning cities in the world

According to a research, Chester, located in northwest England, is the most attractive city in the world. The “golden ratio” was utilized by researchers to estimate how lovely a city would be. The top-ranked city was Chester, a walled cathedral city with 83.7 percent buildings.

Venice was the second-most beautiful city in the world, after Chester, and among the most attractive cities in the world. Rome came in second, London third, and Belfast fourth. New York, the highest-ranked US city, came in at number 17 on the list.

The beauty of cities is measured using the golden ratio. It considers the quantity, variety, and design of buildings. The top ten most attractive cities in the world are shown below along with how closely they adhere to the golden ratio:
1. Chester, United Kingdom — 83.7%
2. Venice, Italy, at 83.3%
3. London, United Kingdom — 83%
4. Belfast, United Kingdom — 82.9%
5. Rome, Italy, at 82%
6. Barcelona, Spain, at 81.9%
7. Liverpool, United Kingdom — 81%
8. Durham, United Kingdom — 80.5%
9. Bristol, United Kingdom — 80%
10. Oxford, United Kingdom — 79.7%

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