September 24, 2023

PML-N should heed some advise from Reham Khan

PML-N should heed some advise from Reham Khan

Reham Khan, a British-Pakistani journalist who is also the ex-wife of Imran Khan, the head of the PTI, has counselled PML-N to take a few cues from Khan’s party. Reham used Twitter to demonstrate how PTI and its supporters responded to the filing of a terror case against Imran Khan and the arrest warrants issued for him.

“Instead of encouraging opposition when a leader is detained, the PML-N should see how the PTI handles it.Politics is a battle, “Reham wrote, who usually criticises PTI. In a separate tweet, the journalist referred to her ex-husband as “Inteshar [chaos] Khan” and suggested that the PML-N learn from him how to do wonderful marketing.

She continued, “PML-N also needs to understand that strong governance requires good PR.”Since the couple’s breakup, Reham has been outspoken in her harsh criticism of PTI and Imran Khan.

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