February 24, 2024

Indian soldiers dance the bhangra along the Pakistani border

Indian soldiers dance the bhangra along the Pakistani border

It is well known that music crosses all barriers and divides to bring people together.Just that is demonstrated by a recent video that has now gone viral.In a video that has recently gone viral on social media, Indian Army soldiers can be seen singing along to a Punjabi song by the late Sidhu Moose Wala.

At a military installation on what appears to be the peak of a hill, the troops can be seen dancing the bhangra to the upbeat music. They dance and make amiable motions towards the direction of the opposing boundary.That, however, was not what caused the video to go viral.A soldier on the Pakistani side of the border is visible waving back to the dancing Indian soldiers when the camera pans across to their side of the border.

Sidhu’s songs playing over the border, crossing the barrier, tweeted Indian Police Services officer HGS Dhaliwal in addition to the video.In reference to the murder of Moose Wala, a user wrote: “This is so emotionally draining and overwhelming that others on the other side of the border also felt his loss. May he now rest in peace.”

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