February 25, 2024

August is also anticipated to see “above usual” rainfall in Karachi

Meteorological expert Jawad Memon predicted on Saturday that rainfall in Karachi will likely be “above normal” in August after record rains devastated the nation in June and July, killing over 300 people, according to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Memon stated that the city may experience “heavy rains” between August 12 and August 14.

The researcher added that three to four powerful monsoon systems could affect Sindh’s weather in August. For Pakistanis, the rainy season has had dreadful consequences, but city people, in particular, have suffered because of shoddy infrastructure planning that made the issues brought on by heavy rains even worse. Roads that were flooded, electrocutions, power outages, and the paralysis of daily life became a part of life for Karachi residents.

In order for residents to stay safe and the government’s efforts to clear the roadways of water to continue unhindered, it was necessary for Karachi and Hyderabad to be declared public holidays due to the misery and inability of the Sindh government to cope with the negative effects of the rains.

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