October 5, 2023

Attaullah Tarar, a PM’s aide, is the target of a police raid to “give notice”

Attaullah Tarar, a PM's aide, is the target of a police raid to "give notice"

Attaullah Tarar’s Lahore home was searched by the police on Saturday in order to “send a notice,” according to Home Minister Hashim Dogar.Attaullah Tarar, the PML-N leader and former provincial minister, was not present during the raid, according to the police statement.

In a  statement sent after the raid, Attaullah Tarar said, “Mr. Hashim Dogar, I assumed you to be a minister, but you turned out to be a very non-serious man.”Why would you send the police to a home where I previously resided 15 years ago? He added, “If this is your circumstance, how are you running the ministry.

“Punjab Home Minister Hashim Dogar told Attaullah Tarar to “present himself, the law is waiting for you” in reaction to his comments.Hashim Dogar continued by stating that today, Attaullah Tarar’s house in Lahore had received a notice from the police.

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