February 24, 2024

We will prevent a Pakistan vs. India final from taking place: Jos Buttler

We will prevent a Pakistan vs. India final from taking place: Jos Buttler

Both teams are vying for a spot in the championship match as Pakistan takes on New Zealand at Sydney Cricket Ground in the first semi-final of the T20 World Cup. Aiming for the championship match as well, England and India will compete in the second semifinal game on Thursday in Adelaide. One of the most watched matches in cricket history, Pakistan vs. India in the final, is what fans and supporters, especially cricketers, are hoping for.

Jos Buttler, the captain of England, stated at a news conference that they do not want such a concept to become a reality.”Look, an India-Pakistan final is definitely not what we want to see. In order to prevent it from happening, we will try our best to do everything we can “said Buttler at a news conference prior to the game.

When it comes to T20 World Cup history, the Green Shirts and Kiwis have faced off six times. Pakistan won four games, while New Zealand was successful in two of them.The match between Pakistan and New Zealand today will seem familiar. Against all odds, they managed to reach the semi-finals of the 1992 World Cup in Australia, when they upset an aggressive New Zealand team to win the prized trophy.

The majority of Pakistani followers think modern history will repeat again. One can ask if an England vs. Pakistan final can be anticipated given Pakistan’s greater weight in the equation and Buttlers’ determination to annihilate India in the second.

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