October 5, 2023

Umar claims that Imran is battling for Pakistan’s future

Umar claims that Imran is battling for Pakistan's future

In his speech to the Insaf Students Federation (ISF) in Chiniot on Tuesday, PTI Chairman Imran Khan claimed that he is “fighting for Pakistan’s future,” according to PTI General Secretary Asad Umar.Umar stressed to the ISF during his speech that Imran Khan is fighting for them because “young are the future of the country.”

A sizable group of PTI party members greeted the senior leader as he led the long march to Chiniot, where he was showered with rose petals. As the party recommenced its “Haqeeqi Azadi” march from Gujrat after noon, Umar earlier today declared that there is “no way out but fresh elections.”After learning that 88% of Pakistani firms think their nation is moving in the “wrong way,” according to a Gallup survey, he took to Twitter.

He added that elections were the only means to prevent the country from “sinking farther with each passing day” and that this is a “staggering vote of no confidence in the current establishment.”

On her official Twitter account today, PTI leader Mussart Cheema announced the route for the Haqeeqi Azadi March. According to her, the march will depart Gujrat at 1 pm, led by PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi.The march will proceed toward its second stop, the Mirpur Ada in Sarai Alamgir, at 3 o’clock. Cheema stated that they would make an effort to there by 4 pm.

The PTI leader said that Chaudhry Ilyas would host the second gathering. She added that Imran Khan, the chairman of the PTI, will speak at 4:30 pm, followed by Shah Mehmood Qureshi at 4:15 pm. Cheema expressed the wish that “the people of Sarai Alamgir will also respond to the chairman’s call and will join the march, like every stop of the Haqeeqi Azadi march.”

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