February 25, 2024

The PTI answers the army’s outrage at Imran Khan’s statement

The PTI answers the army's outrage at Imran Khan's statement

Following the Pakistan Army’s outrage over PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s anti-military remarks, the party’s secretary-general Asad Umar responded by saying that the statement was not intended to undermine the institution.

Asad Umar clarifies that the statement was not intended to harm the army.
According to the secretary-general, Imran Khan has always admired the army’s “professionalism and sacrifices.”
The Pakistani Army has expressed its disgust with Khan’s recent statement, calling it “aghast.”

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The Pakistan Army is ‘astonished’ by Imran Khan’s ‘defamatory’ statement toward the military’s senior leadership.

The ruling coalition condemns Imran for making the nomination of the COAS controversial in a joint statement.

The government is delaying elections in order to appoint Imran Khan as army chief.

During a public event in Faisalabad, the PTI chairman chastised the government for delaying elections in order to choose its own When the “army staff” arrives, he will not spare the current authorities.

The former planning minister stated on Twitter that the meaning of Khan’s statement yesterday about the selection of the chief of army staff (COAS) has already been clarified.

“There never was any desire to harm the reputation of the institution or its top leadership,” he continued.

According to the former minister, the party and its chairman have long admired the “professionalism and sacrifices” of army men.” The emphasis on sustaining the merit principle is commensurate with the objective to protect the professionalism of the force that provides security to the nation,” he tweeted.

The Pakistani Army expressed its displeasure and “aghast” over Khan’s latest statement against the military on Monday.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement that the army was “aghast” at the PTI chairman’s slanderous and uncalled-for accusations about the military’s senior leadership during a rally in Faisalabad.




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