February 23, 2024

The number of active COVID-19 cases in Pakistan has surpassed 10,000 once more

The number of active COVID-19 cases in Pakistan

According to data from the National Institute of Health, Islamabad (NIH), 599 more persons contracted COVID-19 throughout the course of the previous day, pushing the total number of active COVID-19 cases in Pakistan above the 10,000 thresholds once more.

On July 16, when there were 10,032 active cases, the number of cases exceeded 10,000 for the last time. After diagnostic testing on 21,315 samples, new COVID-19 infections were found, bringing the total number of current cases in the nation to 10,004 and the positive rate to 2.81 percent.

In addition, Pakistan’s overall COVID-19 case count increased to 1,548,394. In the meantime, 3 coronavirus patients died overnight, bringing the nation’s COVID-19 death toll to 30,455, while 265 patients recovered.

But 170 individuals are still receiving care in critical care facilities. According to the most recent data from the World Health Organization, it was behind 52% of cases that had been sequenced by late June, up from 37% in one week. It is thought to be the root of about 65 percent of illnesses in the United States.

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