December 1, 2023
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Soon, Gmail will allow you to track your packages right from your inbox

Soon, Gmail will allow you to track your packages right from your inbox

Online package tracking may be rather time-consuming because trackers frequently direct you back and forth between many websites, some of which may not even be functional. With a forthcoming feature for Gmail that will allow you to monitor your packages right from your inbox, Google hopes to address this problem.

When your delivery is being processed or dispatched, the majority of online shops will send you an email. Soon, you won’t need to use the tracking URLs that they send you because Gmail will soon allow you to track your packages right from your inbox.The function is released in advance of the busy holiday shopping period, which always sees a spike in online orders.

We believe it will eventually expand to other locations as well. Google claims the Gmail package monitoring function will start rolling out to most major US shipping carriers over the coming weeks. When the feature is ready, it will request your consent to display package tracking information above your inbox. At any time, you can decide to forbid parcel tracking.

This is so that Google won’t check for updates on your behalf without your express permission.However, if you enable package tracking, it will display the status of your packages along with an anticipated arrival time directly beneath the subject line of the email in your inbox.Additionally, it will provide you with updates like “label made,” “arriving tomorrow,” or “delivered today,” among others. To reduce clutter, just the most important information will be displayed.

However, Google intends to develop this function over the coming months, so that’s not all. For delayed packages, Gmail will additionally display a delay label and move the email associated with it to the top of your inbox so you don’t miss anything.

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