October 5, 2023

Shoaib Akhtar has his “perhaps final surgery”

Shoaib Akhtar has his "perhaps final surgery"

Shoaib Akhtar, a renowned bowler for Pakistan, is having “hopefully” his final knee surgery in Australia after the procedure was postponed for a while. The “Rawalpindi Express” the bowler with the quickest bowling average in the world, admitted in December that he had injected pain medication into his knee because the surgery had been postponed by a few months.

Akhtar claimed in a video posted to Twitter that he had undergone five identical surgeries, but that they were all “worth it” because representing Pakistan as a fast bowler meant so much to him. He asked for prayers, saying, “I will come out right […] and I don’t look forward to it.

Mohammad Hafeez, a former all-rounder for Pakistan, responded by expressing his hope that the former pacer recovers fast from the procedure because, according to Akhtar, he will experience discomfort for two to three weeks. Hafeez wished Shoaib 100mph a speedy recovery and long life.

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