November 28, 2023
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Samsung acknowledges the data incident that occurred in July

Samsung acknowledges the data incident that occurred in July

Samsung has announced on its website that a cybersecurity incident that resulted in the release of some of its US customers’ information had an impact on them.Some of the client data was accessed by an unauthorised third party.

The company assured its customers in the notice that the problem did not affect Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or debit card numbers, but that it “may have affected information such as name, contact and demographic information, date of birth, and product registration information in some cases.”

The information impacted may differ for each pertinent consumer.The event occurred in July, but the business first learned about it on August 4. Currently, Samsung is looking into the matter with assistance from a third-party cybersecurity company.

As the inquiry progresses, the company will send more emails to anyone who were impacted.Even though the business has stated that there is no immediate need for action, it has advised clients to “check your accounts for unusual activity” and to be wary of any unsolicited contacts that ask for personal information.

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