February 24, 2024

Rahul finds the chance India-Pakistan meeting at the 2022 Asia Cup exciting

Rahul finds the chance India-Pakistan meeting at the 2022 Asia Cup exciting

DUBAI: The KL of India Rahul stated on Friday that his side is eager to face Pakistan this weekend in a crucial Asia Cup matchup because their political differences prevent them from ever meeting in a single nation.Since 2007, the neighbours have not engaged in a Test match; instead, they have only competed against one another in shorter games and multi-team tournaments abroad.

In the United Arab Emirates, the Twenty20 tournament starts on Saturday, but supporters are most excited for India and Pakistan’s titanic match the following day.”All of us are quite excited. Since we only play each other in major tournaments, we players always look forward to the India-Pakistan matchup ” Rahul stated.

“As we’ve seen, the rivalry between the teams has a long history, and the games have always been intense. We’ve always wanted to play India-Pakistan as players, and this is a terrific chance for us to all push ourselves.”The two countries, which have fought four wars since gaining independence from Britain in 1947, have used matches to ignite immense fervour, but they have also been used to ease wartime tensions.

Recently, images and recordings of a meeting between India’s superstar Virat Kohli and Pakistan captain Babar Azam outside of a practise session in Dubai went viral.

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